Completion at Fortess

Fortess Grove, situated in Kentish Town, North West London, is West 1’s largest project to date – a comprehensive renovation and redevelopment to create a contemporary, adaptable workspace.

The site is composed of three main areas: Workshop A, Studio B, and Railey Mews, with works including full redevelopment, extension of existing buildings, and external fabric repairs to create new office spaces.

Our structural design and build expertise has been instrumental in delivering the project, with close collaboration with the client’s consultants streamlining processes and driving progress.

Managing a landlocked site and multiple party wall agreements while maintaining communication with the local community has been a key challenge. Given the high level of foot traffic in the area, we have been focused on meeting expectations and ensuring safety at all times.

The internal finishes for Workshop A have progressed, external features in Studio B have been closed off, and fit-out work is commencing. The mezzanine floors have been fully installed and partitions are being put up in Workshop A, making the space more inviting. The walls have been cleaned and rendered in certain areas, preserving the industrial feel but with a modern twist. Workshop A is designed to offer lettable workspace with numerous collaborative breakout areas, while Studio B has an additional floor and a new roof.

As we complete the final structural elements, we are proud to call Fortess Grove our flagship project, showcasing the wide range of skills we have brought together to create a unique space.