Giving back to the Community in Birmingham

To give back to our local community in Birmingham, West 1 has partnered with Better Pathways as our charity to support.

The Charity

Better Pathways is a mental health charity supporting people with poor mental health, learning difficulties and with disabilities, on their pathway to recovery.

“We provide employment support, and a range of education, training and volunteering opportunities across Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull. We also deliver therapeutic work programmes through our three social enterprises.”

“We know well that lack of work is a major burden for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities. This deprives people of opportunities and contributes to stigma, poverty, achievement, social contact and the ability to structure their time. Over 90% of people with serious mental health problems are unemployed and research shows that work improves symptoms and quality of life.”

Our contribution

To help Better Pathways on their mission, West 1 will renovate their kitchen area to create a rentable space and offer H&S training for 12 delegates to encourage further education and provide skills for their journey back to work.