We specialize in turning non-lettable spaces into future-proofed assets, with comprehensive refurbishment services that add value to properties and ensure they meet modern-day occupier requirements

We have a wealth of experience in industrial refurbishment projects, having successfully completed numerous works ranging from small scale modifications to full scale renovations.

Our expertise in this field has enabled us to transform industrial spaces into modern, functional and energy-efficient facilities that meet the needs of our clients. With a focus on innovation, collaboration and efficiency, we deliver projects that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.

Our clients

Warehouses and industrial builds

The industrial refurbishment sector in the UK plays a crucial role in creating modern and efficient workspaces, while also promoting sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of existing buildings. Investing in industrial refurbishment not only benefits businesses and the economy, but also contributes to the overall improvement of the built environment and quality of life for individuals.


Industrial Focus


Amenity block construction

Transforming an open space warehouse into a functional workplace by incorporating office spaces, teapoints, and WC facilities


Resin flooring

We renew industrial flooring to provide a clean and durable surface that meets the specific requirements of new tenants


Roller shutters and steel doors

Tailored access solutions are provided for each project, including customized roller shutters and external metal doors to meet specific requirements


Yard remodelling

Redesign and renovation of external spaces to optimize their use and create functional outdoor areas.


Roof overcladding

As part of our industrial refurbishment services, we offer comprehensive solutions for roof cladding, including repairs, replacements, and other custom requirements to meet the client's specific needs


Specialist spraying

We offer professional and efficient re-spraying services for industrial units, transforming the look and condition of the space while minimizing disruption to operations