Tewin Water House External Refurbishment – Half Way Point

As we power through Week 14 of our 24-week journey on this prestigious Refurbishment Project, it’s time for a comprehensive progress update. Here’s a closer look at what we’ve accomplished, what lies ahead, and the unforeseen challenges we’ve successfully navigated.

Progress update

Scaffolding and temporary roof: Complete
Existing roof and gutters: Fully stripped
Re-building gutters: Complete
Installation of new terne coat steel gutters: Complete
Re-slating roof: 20% complete
Window and door re-decoration works: 80% complete
Outlets: All outlets formed and installed

Balance of works to Completion

Remaining slate work
Lead to flat roofs, valleys, and copings
Installation of mansafe system
Balance of window and door decoration works
Front and rear terrace roof works
Full building restoration clean
Structural repair works to one of the terraces, followed by the installation of a flat roofing and decking system

    Unforeseen Challenges Faced

    Ecological Sensitivity: Working closely with the Ecologist on site, we meticulously removed existing slates to ensure no nesting Bats were disturbed and employ sufficient mitigation for their protection.

    Structural Investigations: Stripping some areas revealed existing structures that required additional necessary structural repair works. Necessary remedial works were identified swiftly, and seamlessly integrated into the works schedule and accommodated within the existing programme.

    Residential Harmony: Operating in a live residential environment presents daily challenges, demanding a delicate balance between progress and residents’ well-being. Our meticulous approach ensures minimal disruption to those currently occupying the property and a great rapport has been struck between residents and the West 1 team.

    As we tackle the remaining tasks with continued enthusiasm, stay tuned for the final chapter of this sensitive Refurbishment. We’re not just renovating; we’re crafting a space where innovation meets legacy.